Western New York
Shelby and Mustang Club

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Welcome to the Western New York Shelby and Mustang Club web site...
...a regional charter club of the
Mustang Club of America.

Western New York Shelby and Mustang Club has supported Mercy Flight for over 37 years.


Why Join The Club?

Do you want to join the Western NewYork Shelby and Mustang Club and/or Mustang Club of America or simply renew your yearly membership?  Click Here.

If you're ready to join, email info@wnymustagclub.org or simply attend one of our monthy meetings on the Events page.

Other than enjoying the company of good people who share thier fondness for thier cars,
members will enojoy the following benfits:

- Discounts on Ford parts at Dave Smith Ford
- Technical assistance on all Fords
- Tent rentals (10 x 20) for $25

So come out and meet some great people and take owning your cherished Ford to the next level. 
You'll be glad you did!

Just for being a fan of Ford, click here to download the Ford script font for your Windows computer. 
Simply save and copy the file to your "C:\Windows\Fonts" folder.  Enjoy!




mustang parts

Help America, buy a Ford


Western New York Shelby and Mustang Club  |  Cheektowaga, NY  |  716-479-9235  |  info@wnymustangclub.com